Absolutely not. All of our class types are appropriate for any fitness level. Our Coaches are trained to be able to provide alternatives to exercises that you cannot manage and will help you choose the correct weights for you.

Not at all. In fact - our membership is around 55-60% female!

No experience required. Once you become a member - you will go through our onboarding program comprising of onboarding sessions with a coach on a 1-1 basis.

We have taken what we feel to be the most important and beneficial elements of CrossFit, added some of our expertise from our many years in the fitness industry and brought it under the banner of our FF-MOVE program. Key themes of this program are as follows:

  • Simplicity
  • Low jargon as much as possible
  • Fun workouts
  • Sweat and get out of breath every day
  • A bit of strength and plenty conditioning
  • Small amounts of complex exercises.

Absolutely. Firstly we have an affiliation with AB sports performance who can take a look at the injury and best point you in the right direction. Secondly, our coaches are equipped to offer you alternatives to exercises that might not be appropriate to allow you to get the best workout possible.

Just yourself, your gym clothes and a can-do attitude! Just to let you know we offer water/sports drinks/ protein shakes in our vending machine and we also supply bath & hand towels for a small fee. Oh and we also have AMAZING coffee!

Yes, we have showers. We also provide bath towels for a small additional fee.

Note: temporarily not available due to COVID restrictions

There is FREE on-road parking. It is set to 45 mins PER BAY but we plan to move cars midway through the classes and that is built into the session plan with zero disruption to our class plans. We have run this way for 7 years - all good!

Yes, we have secure lockers that you can use and we have in view cubby holes with access to phone chargers designed to keep you going in both your fitness but in your busy lifestyle!

Absolutely not. We aim to have EVERYONE on-boarded in the same way, to make sure that you are moving well and understand how to safely perform the basics of each movement. We pride ourselves on quality and won't budge on that.

Yes, we do! It’s one of our core services. Send us an email at [email protected] and detail what you are looking for. From there we will set up a consultation for you.

Yes, we can do that too. Either speak to a member of staff or email us at [email protected]

Yes, we do! Come in and check out our shop!

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