Core Values

We have our own set of core values at Functional Fitness that guide every decision we make from hiring and building our team, to purchasing equipment, to adding new programs, and everything in between. We believe that in order for the team to work as a cohesive unit and grow together, the individuals within that team need to hold these values as well. We ask our team members to uphold, live by these values and to pass along these core values to each of our members through our interactions and actions every single day.

We believe that if Functional Fitness grows and becomes successful, then we all become successful.

“A rising tide lifts all boats”

Honesty & Integrity

This core value is all about communication and taking responsibility for everything that is happening around you. It requires you have difficult 1-on-1 conversations when it is required, instead of taking the easy route of venting to others. It means communicating to others when something is making you uncomfortable or if you think something could be better. It means working towards solutions within the organisation, instead of dwelling on issues. It means being present and providing feedback in meetings and 1-on-1 that can potentially make the FF team better.

Practise your craft with honesty and integrity. Act in the best interest of the members, your clients and colleagues.

Take extreme ownership of everything in your life. Live with honesty and integrity. Avoid gossip. If you have an issue with anything/anyone, speak up.

We are a family

Introduce yourself to others and know everyone by name. Treat everyone like a guest in your own home. Clean up after yourself and always leave the gym better than when you walked in. Take the lead and go first.

This core value includes making people feel welcome, being able to connect with all types of individuals and remembering and using every person’s name at least 3-5 times in every class. It means spending time after your coaching shift to make sure the gym is clean, organised, and looks better than when you started. It also means keeping your personal items clean and organised.

The team over the individual

Relentless focus on others over yourself. No Egos. Coaching must come before your own training. Regularly take classes with members.

This core value includes your desire to put the team’s needs over your own. It means being excited, not just willing, to take on tasks or projects that will better the team, that may or may not benefit you individually. It includes attending classes regularly, being an active participant in Wodify whiteboard, members page and being at all of our community events where possible. It means when you are taking classes, being the ideal athlete that we ask our members to be. It includes your desire to want to see others do better than you in workouts, and to put the success of FF team above that of your own. It also includes setting up your fellow team members for success through support, education, mutual respect and team spirit.

The class comes first

The class always comes first. The experience at a FF gym should be something the members look forward to as an integral part of their day to day life. Aim to create the type of atmosphere where members love coming to and never want to leave.

This core value includes being on the floor, interacting with members in the 10 minutes before and after every class that you coach. It includes your presence in class and not eating, drinking, checking your phone, or having side conversations during that hour. It means aiming to give each member at least 2 touching points in every class and making consistent emotional bank account deposits into everyone, each day.

Pursue Excellence

The constant never-ending pursuit of excellence. Pay attention to the finer details and be prepared to go above and beyond. Be early. Be over-prepared.

This core value includes your commitment to excellence in each of the separate roles that you take on for FF. It includes the level of care and detail you bring to these roles and always doing a little more than what your job description entails.

It means being over-prepared for classes and ready for any scenario that will be thrown your way. It means being early to meetings and ready to share, contribute, and take notes.

Live with a growth mindset

Be hungry to learn and grow. Seek feedback. Regularly read books, listen to podcasts and attend seminars and certifications.

This core value is all about trying to make yourself a little better each day through continuing education. It means taking a beginner’s mindset into everything you do and keeping an open mind. It means loving feedback and seeking it out because you know it will make you better. It means constantly reading books, listening to podcasts, attending seminars, and progressing towards becoming the best in your field. It also means attending coach development sessions weekly in order to learn but to also teach.


Accountability is everything. Without it, standards of coaching, tidiness, cleanliness, and many other important basic standards may begin to slip away over time. This can take us from being the premier centre of excellence in CrossFit, S&C, Personal Training and Individualised Programming to that of an average gym. We are far better than that. This core value is about holding yourself and other team members to account to provide the best experience possible for every single member.

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