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Your very own Personal Trainer. Full 30min/45min/1 hour sessions based on your needs. If you need accountability, motivation and help with correct and safe exercise technique then this is for you.

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Functional Fitness

Personal Training is by far the most effective way for you to achieve your goals. Fact.

Key benefits to 1-to-1 Personal Training:

  • Give you the time with a coach 1-on-1 to properly assess your movement and mechanics and allow us to properly teach the movements safely.
  • Your PT has the time to effectively see and correct any errors in the way you move and prescribe the necessary changes and additional training to correct them. Ultimately we want you to avoid any injuries and achieve your goals in the most time-efficient manner possible.
  • The program that you will follow with your PT is designed exclusively for you.
  • The entire program and journey are mapped out for you. You don’t need to worry about anything. Just turn up.
  • The Space for PT is exclusively for PT and PT only.

The class is great. It is the cornerstone of the service that we aim to provide and we aim to make the experience AMAZING but let’s face it, in classes where the numbers can be as high as 20 there is limited opportunity to give you in-depth coaching that we would love to provide. That its why we champion 1-to-1 Personal Training to supplement your class experience.

You have the coach right there holding you accountable to your goals. Accountability is the name of the game. We all know that you can do fitness on your own in a park or in your living room for free, so why isn’t everyone doing it!? No one is holding you accountable – simple.

Imagine having your pre-selected time to be at the gym, your program carefully written out by one of our Personal Trainers and overseen by our head coaches just for you and your goals. Your Personal Trainer then shows you how to perform each exercise safely and effectively and oversees your training to make sure you are performing it safely and correctly. We believe this is the gold standard for reaching your specific goals.

We aim to team you up with the best coach to suit your needs. Our coaches all have their own unique expertise and style and we will team you up with the correct one after a consultation with our head coaches Graham, Jonny or Fraser.

Package prices:

  • 4 x sessions – £150
  • 8 x sessions – £290
  • 12 x sessions – £400

Do you like what you see?

Our process looks a little something like this:

  • Register interest in our 1-to-1 Personal Training Service
  • We call you to organise a “no sweat” intro and consultation
  • Come on down and see the gym and chat to one of the team
  • Team up with your 1-to-1 Personal Trainer and start achieving your goals

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