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    Archie Reid

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Hey I’m Archie,

I joined FFD originally as a member with the view of becoming fitter and stronger for rugby. I was fascinated by CrossFit and the sport which led me to competitions both as an individual and in a team.

I competed as part of a rugby team, before being introduced to competing individually came through weightlifting. I represented Scotland at the Celtic Nations Cup in 2019. This then led to me competing in Crossfit, both on my own and with others. In 2020, I competed at the European Championships and picked up an event win along the way. I may only be young, but I’ve got my own experience of beginning as a complete novice, gaining confidence and seeing results that I can draw on to help and support my clients.

While competition is important to me personally, I’m passionate about making sure each clients fitness journey is tailored to their own lifestyle and current abilities. I endeavour to work to make sure that my clients are achieving the results they are looking for but also are maintaining a balanced lifestyle. It’s fair to say that a fitness regime is only as good as how sustainable it is – this is what I am for, sustainability and longevity.

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