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Hey, I’m Robbie! I’m brand new to coaching (aka 2019 new! – please be nice) but I’m loving it! Outside of fitness, I do film photography. Not your usual hobby but it gives me a chance to adventure as well as be able to capture memories that will last, the reason I shoot on film instead of digital is that film provides more of a challenge and more rewarding when photos turn out. I also don’t mind having a couple of bevy’s at the pub with my mates, balance is super important to me. I want fitness so that I can enjoy food and drinks with my friend and my girlfriend at the weekends guilt-free!

So how I get into CrossFit? I started back in 2014. I was just turning 13!! I was doing the 2014 open in the teen category because I seen that as a starting point to test my fitness with a retest in the same category next year. I absolutely loved the buzz and a year later I did my first real competition, down in Essex called battle of the boxes a competition for teams and teens this is now known as European championships. After I had all this experience was when I first joined FFD. I worked with Jonny to improve my fitness and refine my movements which led to me seeing huge improvements in all aspects of my fitness but also helped me grow up.

Around 2017, I took a bit of time off, I had exams as well as lots of other things going on, it was at this stage I realised that even for me as a young pup, balance in my life was super important. A year later, I found my mojo again. I took things slow and I’m now really enjoying training again.

At the start of 2019, I joined the Coach Development program to prepare myself for the experience of taking my first class. It was months of work week in and week out learning how to take a class, what to look for in people’s movement and going super in depth with these. The day of my first class, I was super nervous but a little excited in the same breath. Standing in front of a crowd was something I hadn’t done before. I had the classic trembling hands and voice as you could expect but I got the warm up done it became more natural.

Since then I’ve loved seeing the guys in class get the little wins whether that be getting there first toes to bar or push up of adding 2.5 kilos to there clean then small wins and with my input helping them get them.

I’m passionate about progressing my knowledge in coaching. In FFD & FFSA we are unique with the vast amounts of knowledge and experience we have in so many areas, from S&C to Health and Wellbeing. I’m looking forward to learning as much as I possibly can along the way whilst helping as many of our wonderful members as I can.

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