Success Stories

I’m new to Crossfit, woefully unfit and stiff as a board but FFSA is always a positive experience! I was initially a bit anxious about joining. However, the classes consist of people of all different ages, sizes, flexibility and goals, which makes it really include no matter your fitness level. The coaches are friendly, non-judgemental, and always keep an eye on you to make sure that all movements are done properly. It’s great value for money and fun. My only regret is not joining earlier!


Joining FFSA is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am grateful to be part of a great community that is super positive, friendly and supportive. Also, on top of that, I get to have such great coaches that always push me to improve my fitness, so I can’t ask for a better experience.


This is my third year at FFSA and the experience I’ve had over the years has been so good. Very challenging at the times but worth it. The fitness you achieve from all the hard work you put in is so rewarding. From lifting weights to gymnastics skills and much more, I couldn’t ask for a better workout. The coaches are always willing to help and push you to better yourself which makes it easier to do more. And the members are always friendly and encouraging too which helps make it such a good gym to be part of.


FFSA is easily the community that I fall back to in the midst of student life stress. The people, the spirit and the energy can turn any gloomy day into a power-packed day. I am graduating in a year and I know I’ll never be ready to leave this amazing place behind.


You took a shy, broken, depressed boy and made him into a stronger, outgoing, happier man. You gave him a place to belong and a community in a place where he didn’t know anybody. Somewhere where the goal was “just to get fit” but where I could make it the best hour of my day. You taught me that while competition against others does matter and that it can force someone to improve, it’s competition against yourself that is most important and brings the most benefits. Read fully here


FFG is such an inspiring and motivating place! The coaches are always on hand to give you advice and help you improve. They take the time to get to know you and can tailor everything to suit your needs and ability. Not only are the coaches behind you every step of the way but the members are too. Since joining FFG I’ve met people from all walks of life and made some amazing friends! FFG has a great sense of community and it’s definitely more than just a gym. It’s a place where you can get fit, make friends and feel inspired every single day!

Jenna Wade

When I joined FFG, I realised very quickly that it was not like a normal gym. It is a community that has fun getting fitter together! The support and encouragement have led me and many other members into competing and it is definitely something I would not have had the confidence to do without the fantastic coaches and friends that I have now made within FFG.

Paula Brand

I first joined FFG after a back injury which meant I wasn’t able to exercise for ten months. To be honest I was quite apprehensive about walking into the box; everyone knows crossfitters are crazy, right?! But I really shouldn’t have been, and they definitely aren’t!. All the exercises and workouts are scalable to your needs and abilities, even if you aren’t lifting as heavy as the person next to you, you can be sure that you’ll still get an awesome workout. The coaches are friendly, approachable and most of all knowledgeable about their sport. Fast forward two years and I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been, and crossfit has also helped me improve in other sports I play. My body shape has changed for the better and I am capable of things I never thought possible. You often hear the word ‘community’ banded about when people talk about crossfit. But that’s really what it is; everyone – coaches and other members alike – is rooting for you and I’ve made some friends for life.

Joanna Baird

CrossFit gets results like few other sports but FFG is not just about CrossFit. Jonny, Graham and the team have created something special here! Their knowledge, support and enthusiasm has created a community of people who are learning about their potential, getting stronger and fitter and are supporting each other to do the same. It is amazing to be part of and to experience the change in strength and confidence! I cannot imagine life without this place and the team and know they will continue to go from strength to strength x
Thank you! x

Gillian Horribine

For people coming from other countries like me, it’s not easy to find a new dimension away from home, family, friends…
Every single day I go to the box, there is an absolutely great atmosphere, I see people encouraging each other, I see people smiling (and suffering together), I see people celebrate other people’s achievements…
Our fantastic coaches make this happens.
A beautiful community, great people… we can learn a lot from each other.

Francesca Carrieri

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