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Our very own in-house Nutritionist Adam has put together the very best nutritional program we have seen. This combines first-class education in multiple formats with the accountability that we all seek. Learn how to eat and then apply it all whilst having us there to guide you along the way

40 Days of change (40 DOC) is for anyone who is battling nutrition, in any way. I will educate you, provide you with the framework and give you the tools to use going forward. If you’re willing to change, need guidance or just want to learn about food then 40 DOC is for you.

40 Days of change (40 DOC) is the ONLY stop for nutrition at Functional Fitness. We provide the works, not only do we give you the tools you need by way of meal plans, recipes, and our very own Ebook, but we teach you how to learn to do it yourself. So you’ll never need dietary advice ever again in your lifetime! Everything we provide you with is both ethically and scientifically backed – meaning it’s not a 6 week – get the shredded program without a plan for afterwards, the advice we give is sustainable, and manageable to implement for a lifetime.

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What do I get?

Most important of all, a better you.

As well as the knowledge provided during seminars and ongoing support, I will teach you how to use nutrition to change your lifestyle. Whether you need to improve performance during workouts, lose/gain weight or generally just improve your relationship with food, I’ve got you covered.

You’ll be given a framework or plan, if you will, to apply to your current lifestyle. It’ll be individually tailored to suit you and your goal. This isn’t another ‘food challenge’ where I hope to have you lose ‘x’ pounds in a short space of time, this is for life-lasting results which will stay with you forever.

For those who buy in and commit, you will change your life.

How does it all work?

“How will this work? Do I need to travel to attend sessions etc?”

40 DOC is delivered entirely online. There are essential seminars, lasting 10-15 minutes, with a variety of topics tailored towards helping improve your relationship with food. These are easily accessible on any device. Content can be viewed and used at your own speed.

All created to aid your education and accountability, you can save and re-read at later dates. Bi-weekly accountability check-ins can be done in person or via your chosen device. All accompanying content can be accessed within a private members area which is home to extensive meal plans and recipes. We also have a private Facebook group, constant support to aid you.
* Certain items can be emailed upon request

“That sounds awesome, but I’m a veggie/vegan how does that work?”

All dietary requirements are catered for. There are set meal plans to help you, though ultimately we will dial in your energy balance and relate macronutrient intake to your chosen goals, while finding something sustainable for your lifestyle.

40 days of change online

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