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Why get Functionally Fit with us

We pride ourselves on an unparalleled experience in Dundee and St Andrews.

We are here to help you through the COVID-19 restrictions and beyond. We bring the accountability, feedback and the encouragement to allow to either begin your fitness journey or even take your fitness to the next level!

Function Fitter

Our Move program provides plenty of cardio fitness to your living room. This offering is for any level of ability and we make sure that YOUR fitness level is catered for. It’ll get you fitter, healthier and geared up for life!

Function Stronger

We don’t all have fitness equipment at home but we all have a broom/brush handle! We have developed our in home barbell club! Hosted by Archie, we bring the excitement of Olympic lifting to your living room! Learn the skills to correct lifting technique and get geared up to getting back to the gym and be prepared to get your hands on a barbell again. This is about learning, honing your skills and having fun!

Function Healthier

During a COVID-19 world there has never been a greater emphasis on health. If you are healthier, you are less likely to succumb to viruses and other diseases. Take control of YOUR health today and join our supportive community. You are the only person who can make the decision to change YOUR life. Make it - Click below and get in touch. We are here to help you


The team who will be leading your journey towards fitness at The Functional Fitness Group are all experienced and trained to a high standard.

The Functional Fitness Way

We are absolutely dedicated to delivering the very best life-changing fitness and wellbeing service possible.

These are tough times. But we are strong and we have adapted our services from being a world-class in-gym fitness and wellbeing experience to the most well rounded online experience available.

We have combined daily online Facebook live workouts within our members-only Facebook group which can be followed along with any time of day, a daily interactive fully coached zoom workout, coach to group accountability and support, nutritional education and weekly accountability check-ins, group-based fitness challenges to keep it fun and entertaining and much more!

We are all having to adapt to current restrictions but we are ready to help and guide your fitness journey from day one, to achieving your first goal and far beyond that. We have an online community of like-minded people who are ready to welcome you to the team and help you achieve your goals

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